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Thinking Directions

A Custom Program Can Help Your Group
Meet the Specific Challenges They Face

When you work hard, you are always taking on a new challenge. The business environment is always changing. There are always new, unfamiliar, uncomfortable tasks, with no cookie-cutter procedures to follow.

My custom programs are designed to help group members tackle current challenges. After consulting with you and your group about the objective and the obstacles you face, I will prepare an in-depth working session that addresses the particular challenges directly. The working session may include both individual work (taken from my standard courses) and facilitated discussions in which we work through issues together.

A custom program is best if everyone in the group has similar challenges or is working together on a groupwide objective.

A typical custom program includes:

Is a custom program a good fit for your group?


It's a good fit if... It's not a good fit if...
Your group consists of independent thinkersm

The group just wants to be told what to do
Group members are willing to test-drive solutions using real problems, so tactics can easily be applied later to other issues

Group members are expecting to sit back relax, and perhaps pick up a few ideas that could aid their productivity
You want a partner who will help figure out what the group needs to make the time most valuable

You'd be happy with a superficial feel-good event
You insist that the time, effort, and energy spent on the program keeps paying off in the future

You don't want to discuss the real issues getting in the way of your team's success

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Thinking Directions