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Three Foundational Courses

When you pursue ambitious goals, your success depends on your willingness to take steps and adjust your plan--as opposed to falling into procrastination or perfectionism. These three foundational courses, Smarter, Aligning "Should" and "Want" and "Can," and Crossing the Finish Line teach you the foundational mental tools for keeping on track toward ambitious goals.

Smarter: How to Solve Problems Faster, Make Better Decisions, and Avoid Dumb Mistakes

In this class, you will learn:

Full program is 1 day. A 1/2-day essentials class and a 1-hour interactive introduction are also available.

Aligning "Should" and "Want" and "Can": How to Eliminate Procrastination to Propel You Forward

In this class, you will learn:

Full program is 1 day. A 1/2-day essentials class and a 1-hour interactive introduction are also available.

Crossing the Finish Line: How to Eliminate Slippery Slopes, Endless Loops, and Other Perfectionistic Delays

In this class, you will learn:

Full program is 2 days. A 1-day essentials class and a 1/2-day interactive introduction are also available.

These are a hands-on programs, offering powerful tools for eliminating perfectionism and procrastination. During the day, you get a chance to test drive the tactics with individual exercises using projects from your own life. Work breakthroughs are common during class exercises.

Not sure which program you need? This video explains the difference:

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Some Testimonials for Jean's Programs


"This workshop helped me deal with a problem that had been plaguing me for some time. Once I learned about the floundering scenarios, I had a major breakthrough that has already saved me over $500!"
—Francesco Moriconi, Owner, Fitness Analysis and Comprehensive Training


"Definitely attend. This class is both practical and motivating. It showed me the importance of having particular methods for jump-starting and organizing my thinking — and has motivated me to use those methods more formally and deliberately. I am excited about becoming more productive."
—Steve Simpson, Senior Attorney, Institute for Justice


"This class will pay for itself in my next one week of work! I was surprised by how, even in just a few minutes of class time using the techniques, I reduced my stress level over an upcoming deadline — and made some actual progress."
—W. Dale Stevens, PhD, Neuroscientist, National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, MD


"Jean's workshop was excellent. Well-organized, and lots of good material for achieving my goals and making decisions. It's well worth the investment."
—Brian R. Lessing, actuary & adjunct professor, New York University.


"These are invaluable tools that can guide you through any tangle or conflict. Case in point: immediately following the workshop, a vital meeting was unexpectedly rescheduled. Your teaching had primed me for positive problem-solving, and take-one-step action. Despite the disruption, things turned out better than planned!"
— Sharon Alex, Songwriter & Visual Artist


"I recommend Jean's workshop to anyone who wants to improve their ability and judgment in defining and reaching their goals, regardless of their profession."
— Charles Guarino, President, Central Park Data Systems


"I love doing the in-class exercises. It's not just listening to ideas—you can actually get a lot of good, focused thinking done during the workshop."
— Sarah Farivar-Hayes, PhD, New York, NY


"After Jean gave her workshop to the legal department, I had at least a dozen emails saying how great it was."
—David Miller, General Counsel & Secretary, Rogers Communications Inc.


"Jean teaches practical tactics which apply directly to real-world problems. The lessons are well-integrated and memorable: months after the training, the vocabulary and tactics are still seen commonly in our group's technical reviews, brainstorming sessions, and other meetings. I recommend these tools for developing your top employees."
—Blake Scholl, Manager, Community Social Networks,


"This class is very valuable, as a practical guide to getting projects done. I found it interesting how the skills applied across the board to both personal and professional activities. Jean did a great job at distilling a lot of theory into practical skill sets. She's a great teacher — I loved the analogies and the humor."
—Adam Mossoff, Professor of Law, George Mason University School of Law


"Thank you for your wonderful workshop. I can immediately apply the material you presented to all facets of my life. In fact, everyone I spoke to during the breaks felt as if you tailored the workshop for them. Considering the varieties of professions and personalities that were represented, it is clear that this class can benefit anyone who wants to think."
—Alec Bass, Information Security Specialist

Many More Testimonials

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