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Thinking Directions

Make the Best Use of Your Mind by
Learning to "Think on Paper"
from my
Pamphlet and CD Mini-Course

"Thinking on Paper" is the #1 Thinking Tactic to Help You Get Unstuck in Your Thinking

Thinking on Paper CD

"Thinking on Paper" is a general purpose thinking tactic you can use to help you:


"When I get overwhelmed with too many options, I use thinking on paper to organize my goals and decide which ones are priorities, then assign myself concrete tasks that will drive me forward to the priority goals."
—Jonathan Cargan, MD
    Owner, Phoenix Ascendant Consulting, LLC.

You Can Learn it from a Pamphlet

"Thinking on Paper" is a simple technique, you can learn from reading my 14-page pamphlet, which explains how, when and why to use "Thinking on Paper," and includes an exercise so you can try it. The pamphlet is only $6.95. (Quantity discounts are available.)


"After reading the pamphlet, my husband and I put "thinking on paper" into practice. It has been helpful. For example, writing out our thoughts led to us to hire a new employee for our construction business. I liked that Jean didn't just make statements, she explained everything so that anyone could understand. I continue to incorporate this into my daily life."
—Pamela Gipson, Wolfforth, Texas

Or Learn From People Who Use It

When you're learning a new tactic, it helps to get some extra guidance, and to hear different viewpoints. In my 1-hour CD, Making the Best Use of Your Mind with "Thinking on Paper," I discuss "Thinking on Paper" with two other people who use the tactic regularly.

In this 60-minute CD you will:

Making the Best Use of Your Mind with 'Thinking on Paper' comes with one copy of the pamphlet. (You are encouraged to read before listening to the CD.) This mini-course of CD and pamphlet on "thinking on paper" is just $29.95. Order it here.


"Perhaps we are conditioned in a highly-technical society to dismiss or completely overlook the simple. It's amazing how such a relatively easy technique can be so helpful, and prove to be a launching pad leading to greater mental clarity."
—Randy Martens, Data Specialist, Denver, CO

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Thinking on Paper CD

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