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Thinking Directions

Sharpen your "Thinking Tactics"
during this one-day workshop and
Get More Done on Your Top Tasks

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Are you a manager, business owner, or other professional with too much on your agenda? You may have gotten some help from courses on time-management and delegation. But these tools are not always powerful enough when you are the person in the hot seat to tackle the most complex tasks and make sure they get done in a reasonable time.

The problem is, how do you "get your mind around" the issues quickly and effectively? Before you can break up a task into little steps to do or delegate, you first have to understand it in your own mind. That's when obstacles—thinking obstacles like overload, uncertainty, and poorly formed goals—can shut you down and make you feel stuck. And when you feel  stuck in your thinking, your project is stuck, too.

In my class on Thinking Tactics, you learn how to get unstuck in your thinking, so you can figure out how to get unstuck in action.

Everybody comes to the Thinking Tactics Workshop with different topics to think about, but you will leave with a single system that helps you concentrate better, avoid bogging down, and get more mileage out of your thinking time.


"Thank you for your wonderful workshop. I can immediately apply the material you presented to all facets of my life. In fact, everyone I spoke to during the breaks felt as if you tailored the workshop for them. Considering the varieties of professions and personalities that were represented, it is clear that Thinking Tactics can benefit anyone who wants to think."
—Alec Bass, Information Security Specialist


In this workshop, you will learn a system of "Thinking Tactics." It is a jam-packed day, covering all the tools you need to concentrate on demand and figure out a good next step.

A detailed printable brochure which includes a formal course description and topical outline is included here.

During the day, you get a chance to practice using these tactics both in class exercises and individual exercises using your own personal thinking tasks. For an idea of what you can use the tactics to help you with, read the recommended advance preparation for a recent course.


"This workshop helped me deal with a problem that had been plaguing me for some time. Once I learned about the floundering scenarios, I had a major breakthrough that has already saved me over $500!"
—Francesco Moriconi, Owner, Fitness Analysis and Comprehensive Training

In addition, you will have a complimentary two-month membership in The Thinking Lab following the workshop. In The Thinking Lab, you get weekly thinking tips, available only to program members. You can listen to mastery classes covering topics that just don't fit into a one-day program. And you can do individual exercises on topics of your choice, and get feedback and help from me.

I (Jean Moroney) developed this course by working with individuals and groups, and targeting the top thinking problems they faced when they sat down to think at their desks. Whether the problem is overload, uncertainty, or floundering, we've all experienced it. What most people don't know is that a few basic tools can conquer these problems every time.

In this class you learn the mental equivalent of the hammer, saw, drill, and screwdriver—and how to make sure you use the right tool for the job.


"I was impressed with how much the membership in the Thinking Lab added value to the workshop. The thinking tips and teleclasses were very helpful for reviewing the tactics we learned in the class and applying them to real life problems. This package is a great a value, well worth the money."
  —Gulsun Akanayigit, Financial Analyst, New York, NY


Enrollment is capped at 30 people to ensure everyone has a chance to ask questions and join the discussion.

Thinking Tactics always attracts an interesting group of ambitious professionals. You'll get a chance to chat with the other participants during the breaks.

Additional dates and locations are now being scheduled. If you'd like to encourage me to hold a public workshop in your city, please fill out the form below.

What can you expect to learn?

In the morning session, Concentrating the Power of Your Mind, you will learn:

In the afternoon session, Breaking Through Mental Obstacles, you will learn:

This is an interactive workshop. During the day we will work through exercises and processes in the 70-page workbook using a combination of lecture, discussion, group exercises, and individual exercises.

When you leave, you will take away a laminated summary sheet with essentialized reminders of how and when to use the tactics. Plus, at the back of the workbook is a convenient 8-page summary of the course for quick review.

How much is it?
Tuition for the all-day event is $300

And here's my money-back guarantee: If you have not already discovered one way your thinking can be significantly more productive by the time of the first break, you can walk out then with a 100% refund.

There is always an early discount. Make sure you find out about a workshop in your area early enough to get the best price.
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Will your employer be interested in sending multiple people to a workshop?

Let me know—this can help ensure a large enough audience to schedule a workshop.

I can provide a corporate information package to the decision-maker, or you can send him or her to my corporate information page.

Let's sum up what each person gets from an investment of $300:


A No-Risk Sample

Jump Start Your Thinking is a free 1-hour sample class I offer every other month. About 30-40 minutes of that teaser covers "Thinking on Paper", which overlaps with this class. Sign up on the Jump Start page.

I guarantee, if you like the Jump Start class, you will find Thinking Tactics even more valuable. It builds on what can only be mentioned in passing in Jump Start.

"I had used 'thinking on paper' before, but now I have additional methods to use with it, and I can do it routinely. The additional tactics are tremendously helpful in regaining focus after frequent interruptions.  Great stuff."
—Bart Blacha, Software Engineer,
Austin, Texas

Want to know more? Download the 8-page brochure from a recent workshop, which includes much additional information: 

Or, email me, Jean Moroney, at with your questions.

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I offer a Tutorial Intro Package: Five 1-hour phone sessions to go through the material in Thinking Tactics. Package includes the Thinking Tactics workbook, laminated summary sheet, pamphlet, and 2 months in The Thinking Lab. Package price: $625. Sign up for the tutorial intro package here.

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"The clarity of the workshop is terrific. It comes from what I call the "oh, yeah!" quality—the ability you have to describe real minds really working, not just to deliver a theoretical lecture that I have to struggle to tie to my own concretes. I was thinking of dozens of ways to use this information even before I got home from the workshop! And I've been using it ever since."
  —Susan Bowden, Montessori Teacher

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