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Thinking Directions

Jean Moroney You're ambitious. You put in effort. And yet sometimes, things get in the way of achieving your goals. Sometimes it's small. You aren't sure what the priorities are. Sometimes it's large. It's hard to get your head around a project. Sometimes the obstacles are external--you lose work due to illness. Sometimes they're internal--you seem to be getting in your own way.

Whatever the obstacle, you know what you need to do: keep moving. There's no goal that is achieved by sitting back and seeing what happens. But what to do is not always obvious.

If you aren't making reasonable progress toward your goal, you have an execution problem. The probelm always comes down to one thing: a disconnect between your judgment about what to do in order to achieve your goals, and your motivation to do it. Whether the pattern is procrastination or perfectionism, going in circles or hitting your head against the wall, it's not productive, and you need an alternative. That's what my Smarter Execution process solves.

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Why don't we all keep marching to our goals all of the time? Why do we sometimes get caught in counterproductive activity like procrastination and perfectionism?

You get caught in the middle, because it is not always obvious to you what a good next step is. Or it is not obvious how to take it. To get through those difficult spots, you need a process that gives you the clarity, confidence, and control to take that next step, sooner rather than later.

There is no single tactic that can magically solve this problem every time, but there is a reliable sequence of tactics that always results in progress.

It's a mental challenge. In facing it, your own mind is your greatest resource. You have crucial experience and expertise that can help you with your toughest problems, decisions, and people issues.

It's information stored deep in your brain. Sometimes it flows spontaneously to mind, just as you need it. You have a brilliant insight. You make a savvy judgment.

Other times, it comes only with 20:20 Hindsight. You think, "I should have thought of that before." The question is, can you access that information, when you need it?

Yes, you can, if you know how to target your thinking to solve problems faster, make better decisions, and get projects finished.

You do not need to know everything to get out of a tangle. You do not need to solve every problem or answer every question. You just need to figure out a good next step.

In my workshops, participants bring their own real-life issues to think about when they test-drive the tactics. My flagship course, The Smarter Execution Workshop, is appropriate to self-starters who always have a challenging project they're working on.

In a mixed group, it's often better to focus on the particular challenges facing the audience. Then each person sees that the thinking tools are immediately relevant.

The Smarter Productivity Workshop, helps ambitious people turn good intentions into effective actions. That includes tools for figuring out priorities, making a plan for your time, and following through on the intentions, all without unearned guilt or added stress of following "rules." Read more...

The Smarter Strategies Workshop helps you plan projects so you finish them sooner. That includes tools for juggling long-term uncertainties with the need for continual short-term progress, and for planning without overplanning. Read more...

What people have said about my classes:

John Allison, Former Chairman & CEO, BB&T, one of the nation's largest financial holding companies, writes: "Having participated in the 'Thinking Tactics' course, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their thinking methods. The course is particularly helpful in bringing to consciousness practical techniques to focus your thought process and overcome thinking inertia. Every participant in the course I attended found it to be extremely helpful."

Andrew Layman, Product Unit Manager, Microsoft, writes: "I met Jean Moroney [some] years ago at a conference when we sat together at the same table for breakfast, and, when I learned that she was a professional coach in improved thinking techniques, naturally I asked her for some advice. She gave me one idea, a process she called 'thinking on paper,' and I tried it out for the next six months and noticed a considerable improvement in my ability to get my mind around some tricky problems.

"When Jean offered to give a free, short workshop to my team at Microsoft, I invited her in and the results were positive: a month later, many of the participants were still using the techniques (a key measure, in my mind, of whether a class has delivered actual value!). Since then, Jean has returned several times to teach larger classes at Microsoft, including two days of training for the Windows Mentoring Ring. Attendee feedback has been broadly positive, with many reporting that the class — unlike any other classes they had taken — gave them a systematic method for sustained, efficient thinking on complex problems."

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