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The Thinking Lab is a membership program for people who have taken
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Why Join the Thinking Lab
After Taking a Course on Thinking Tactics?
Here are Five Good Reasons:

1. You want a structured program to help you make Thinking Tactics part of your regular routine so they can help maximize your productivity. 

2. You are bumping into mental obstacles as you pursue your own goals, and want expert advice for overcoming them quickly with targeted thinking.

3. You found the course inspiring and intriguing, and you are excited to hear more new ideas to keep you focused on your own mental growth.

4. You want to attend new classes when they are first developed, so you can hear them at the lowest possible cost.

5. You want to forge ahead faster with Jean Moroney as your mentor and coach.

The Thinking Lab is a paid membership program for past attendees of Thinking Tactics or Tap Your Own Brilliance. Members get weekly articles, monthly teleclasses, access to self-paced mini-courses online, access to piloted versions of new longer workshops, and a little or a lot of one-on-one mentoring (depending on whether they opt for the deluxe program).

The Thinking Lab is an exciting R&D area—the virtual world wherein I develop all my new material for articles, books, and in-person workshops. I call it "The Thinking Lab," because it is like a scientific research lab at a university, with me as the chief scientist.

Because it is work in development, the articles and classes have an informal, evolutionary quality. Comments from members of the program often lead to new articles, new teleclasses, and even new features for the program.

The members of the lab are scattered geographically, each pursuing their own goals and interests, with all the challenges therein. They find value in following my work, sharing their thoughts with me, and getting advice from me on how to overcome the mental obstacles that are an inevitable element of mental development. And they enjoy meeting each other in the teleconferences.

Membership in the regular program includes these exclusive benefits:

The deluxe program adds another element:

Ready to sign up? Or Read on...

Weekly Articles

As a member of The Thinking Lab, you get an email update each week. Each update includes a new article by me, available only to Thinking Lab members. The article may be a tip or a comment or sometimes a writeup of a new thinking tactic.

These articles are intended to be a constant source of suggestions and encouragement, giving you a quick nudge here and there about how you can use targeted thinking in your life right now. This steady stream of suggestions will stoke your subconscious with ideas for what to do when you feel stuck.

What distinguishes these articles from many tip sheets is the explanations. I consider myself primarily a psycho-epistemologist, and secondarily a teacher. I'm on a mission, not just to compile and teach thinking tactics, but to explain why they work. My goal is to join theory and practice, and in the articles I try to "peel the onion" one level deeper to explain what's going on.

"Jean's emails sometimes seem eerily prescient, as if she understands exactly what I'm dealing with. But I think they are universal because she writes so clearly and precisely, using real-life cases, so I can always see the application to my life."

—Heather Blease, Senior Database Admin, Newton, MA

Monthly 1-Hour Teleclasses

Once a month, I hold a one-hour interactive teleclass, to which all members are invited.

Topics of teleclasses vary. Sometimes we discuss a concept from Thinking Tactics in more depth. Other times we discuss related topics, such as self-motivation or time-management.

Classes are interactive. Often we do a short individual exercise in class, and then discuss it. We always open the lines for questions and comments on how to apply the ideas to members' real-life situations.

All you need to attend these sessions live is a telephone or Skype account. Classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at 3:00 p.m. or 8:00 pm Eastern time.

If you can't make the live session, you listen to a recording. After class, all members receive an email with a link to an MP3 recording, which you can listen to on your computer—or offload it to your MP3 player listen to it on the go.

Most of these classes are neither available elsewhere, nor available later for download. The only way to get them, is to be a current member of the Thinking Lab.

"The Thinking Lab classes have been extremely valuable. In addition to reviewing the tactics, Jean gives examples and solicits other people's examples—then shows how to apply the tactic to them. I was surprised at how much I had forgotten from the course, and how much this is helping me apply and reinforce what I learned. For example, after the session on 'spiraling,' I found I could end procrastination and get right to work, not just that day, but the next day."

—Ginny Tabor, Artist, Catasauqua, PA


"I think the format you use in the teleclasses is excellent. First you present the concepts and then you engage us in short exercises to practice and internalize the concepts. It's just the right balance. All I can say is keep up the good work! And my goal is to increase my time and commitment to applying your techniques. ('You can't get enough of a good thing!')"

—Tim Rozycki, Chicago, IL


Semi-Annual Half-Day Pilot Workshops

Twice a calendar year I run a longer, more formal workshop in The Thinking Lab in lieu of the monthly teleclass. These are held over the weekend, usually Saturday afternoon.

These workshops are more structured than the monthly teleclasses, and always include detailed handouts. I use the sessions to pilot new public and corporate workshops.

Like the monthly teleclasses, all members can attend the pilot workshops by teleconference, and recordings are made available to members. In addition, deluxe members are invited to attend the pilot workshops in person in New York.

Self-Paced Online Mini-Courses

The earliest incarnation of the program started in November 2007. The best of earlier material is gradually being transformed into a series of self-contained mini-courses and instruction sheets. The plan is to make this available on a rotating basis in The Thinking Lab.

Past attendees can get quarterly announcements of what's currently available. Just email me: (To hear about new courses offered to the public, sign up for the Thinking Directions newsletter.)

In addition, several self-paced mini-courses are permanent features of the website:

"Making Thinking Tactics Second Nature" Multi-Media Mini-Course

The material in "Making Thinking Tactics Second Nature" was created by popular demand from lab members who wanted to make the tools they learned in Thinking Tactics or Tap Your Own Brilliance be the first thing they turned to when they bogged down. Over the years I gave a lot of advice explaining how to create an infrastructure and a discipline that supports using the tactics.

This material has now been organized as a self-contained mini-course with four parts: A 9-page written summary , three teleclasses (Thinking Notebooks 101, Journaling, and Making Thinking Tactics Second Nature), links to a number of "cheatsheets," and a series of 11 exercises for practice.

This mini-course is a permanent feature on the website, so that new members of the lab can work their way through it at their own pace.

To aid this process, members can sign up for a novel "e-nudge" system to help stay on track working through exercises. Once they sign up, they get an assignment by email. When they finish the assignment, they send their comments to a special email address. In return, they get an automatic message with the next assignment, and shortly thereafter, a personal note from me.

If a few days go by and they don't do an assignment, they get an automatic nudge by email. And if a few more days go by, they get another! Members find that the combination of a nudge and the promise of a personal response help them to stay on track and work through the eleven exercises in a timely fashion.


"While going through the exercises, I was amazed at how using thinking on paper consistently solidified my thinking. It helped me notice options—options that just weren't obvious before. Thinking on paper is now an important part of my everyday life."

—Jocelyn Miller, Google


"Concentrating the Power of Your Mind" Library of 15 Tools

The 11 exercises in "Making Thinking Tactics Second Nature" come from a larger library of 15 tools for "Concentrating the Power of Your Mind." Each tool is designed to overcome a particular mental obstacle, such as overload, conflict and paralysis.

The tools in the library are intended both as a reference source when you are stuck, and for those who don't need nudging, a self-paced review and practice course. In an entry, I explain the tool, suggest how to choose a current real-life issue that it would help with, and then give step-by-step instructions for using the tool.

If you try out every tool, you get a good mental workout. But unlike many mental calisthenics that rely on brain teasers and puzzles, these exercises are designed to help you practice thinking tactics on real life issues. So, you get the satisfaction of solving a real-life problem while you grow your skills.


"I'm a bit astounded at how much I've accomplished in the last 2-3 months, and I know doing these exercises regularly was part of the reason."

—Maryallene Otis, Credit Manager, Seattle, WA

"Making Complex Tasks Fit in People-Sized Brains" Library of 14 Exercises

The library of tools for "Making Complex Tasks Fit in People-Sized Brains" covers tactics to help you plan a complex project. This includes getting your mind around the problem, motivating yourself, finding the kernel to start, and brainstorming.

Each exercise in both parts of the library requires paper and pencil, and is designed to take 20-40 minutes to complete. I encourage members to send questions and comments about exercises to me.

All this material is available only to members of The Thinking Lab.

Ad Hoc Email Correspondence

I encourage members of the Thinking Lab to email me questions and comments on tips, teleclasses, and exercises.

I promise at least a short answer. If you did an exercise, you are guaranteed at least an attaboy or attagirl. If you ask a question, you are guaranteed at least a quick, off-the-top-of-my-head answer, or perhaps a suggestion for a book, exercise, or other resource that might help. If your question concerns an upcoming teleclass, I'll try to address it in the class.

Some members are worried about imposing with questions and comments, but it is my job to keep my responses short.

I like hearing from members. And occasionally an email from a member hits the  jackpot. Someone's question or comment triggers an explosion of creative ideas from me—and articles, teleclasses, and new exercises follow. I am stimulated, and the whole lab membership benefits.

Basic membership in The Thinking Lab program includes all this, and it's only $25/month. Click here to sign up.

Deluxe Version--Featuring
Scheduled One-on-One Interaction

The deluxe version of the program includes everything in the regular program plus:

If you want more than my off-the-top-of-my-head answers, then this is the option for you. I put on my thinking cap to help deluxe members with their questions. We do this on an ad hoc basis by email, and periodically meet by phone.

There are two options for phone sessions:

Option 1: Monthly half-hour informal phone calls: we talk through some thinking issues you happen to be facing. We may talk through a problem to a solution, or we may discuss how to apply a tactic to your issue. Or you might pick my brain or get me to brainstorm on the topic. I think of these calls as facilitated discussion.

How it works: You send me a page or two of thinking on paper on the day of our meeting. This is the topic you are thinking about, which you want help thinking through. I spend about 5 minutes reading your material before the call. It's up to you to make sure your thinking gets here at least an hour before the call. Otherwise we will take time out of the call for me to read it. Then we plunge in.

Option 2: Quarterly 1-hour telephone tutorials: These are prepared lessons, complete with exercises to do in the tutorial. Usually the tutorial will be a variation on a past teleclass. In some cases, I may dream up new techniques for you to try out. We'll work out the technique to focus on based on a discussion of your current issues.

How it works: 2 or more weeks in advance, we will begin discussing topics for the tutorial. As part of the back and forth, I will give you a prep assignment which will be due a couple of days in advance. 

Scheduling: I am available for phone sessions weekday afternoons and evenings. I am generally very flexible, but it is up to the member to schedule the meetings sufficiently in advance. If you have not contacted me to schedule before the 15th of the month, I do not guarantee space in my calendar later that month.

Unused meetings cannot be rolled over to the next month or quarter. Use it or lose it!

To encourage everyone to schedule early, I will prompt all deluxe members to set meetings for the upcoming six months in December and June. This guarantees space in my calendar in each of those months. (I will not prompt on a monthly basis, as there are too many people to keep track of.)

Dates can be rescheduled any time up to one week in advance (monthly) or two weeks in advance (quarterly calls). After that, a call can be rescheduled once, with a minimum 24 hours notice. (If I have to reschedule at the last minute, we will suspend the rules to accommodate your schedule.)

You get all of this for only $75/month. Sign up for a full year and get two months free: only $750/year. Sign up here.

Note: Because of my limited time, I reserve the right to limit participation in the deluxe program.

Not sure? Need more information? Email me with questions. I'm at:



"The Thinking Lab program is simply outstanding. I just downloaded the teleclass on "Using Targeted Thinking to Get What You Want," and as usual, I found it very helpful and illuminating."

—Rohit Gupta, PhD, Santa Clara, CA


Payment Options for the The Thinking Lab

Please note this program is only open to past attendees of Thinking Tactics or Tap Your Own Brilliance.

The only way get all the tips and hear all the teleclasses from The Thinking Lab is to join the program and stay in it. Newsletters, teleclasses, and the library are not available to non-members.  And archived material is not even available to present members, except on a rotating basis.

Payment Options for the Regular Program: $25 per month or $250/year (a 16% discount)

To pay by credit card online, just click on the links below:

Option 1: One-time payment for one year of $250.

Option 2: Recurring monthly payments of $25 (until you stop—just email me to stop payments).

Cost for the deluxe program: $75 per month or $750 for a full year (a 16% discount)

To pay by credit card online, just click on the links below:

Option 1: One-time payment for one year of $750.

Option 2: Recurring monthly payments of $75 (until you stop—just email me to stop payments).

Check Payment Information (six-month or one-year subscriptions only)

The cost for six months is $150 (regular) or $450 (deluxe).

The cost per year is $250 (regular) or $750 (deluxe).

Please make checks payable to Thinking Directions and contact me for mailing address. We are having some problems with our mailbox.

If you are paying by check, send me an email. We can get you started in the program right away. Email

Refund policy: If you cancel from the program, you can have a refund of the unused portion of your membership. (Used portion is calculated at the monthly rate.)